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Breve enim tempus aetatis satis vero longum ad bene honesteque vivendum!

For even a short lifetime is enough to live well and honourably!

The Idea

We alone determine who we are and what we become. But sometimes it takes a group to be supportive. Since all our members come from OCR (Obstacle Course Run) backgrounds, we know that some obstacles cannot always be overcome alone. That’s why our founding members came up with the idea of forming a loose, non-club affiliated group to support each other in races like the Spartan Race or Strong Viking. Looking ahead to Sparta 2021, where ten of our athletes will be taking part, a group has been formed that not only follows their passion of OCR.

Our Plans

In addition to joint runs, we as a group also want to support and initiate one or the other social project. Of course, we always need active support for this. Together we develop new ideas and also support each other in drawing up training plans with which we can prepare for our OCR formats in a targeted manner. The community is also open to discussions and joint excursions, which can also be international, because our members are not only from Germany and Austria, but are spread all over the world.