These are our members who participate in runs and leisure activities together. Maybe you already know one or the other?


Spartan Race Germany Team Captain + Spartan Brand Ambassador 2021 + Fanboy of Spartan

Hi, my name is Dennis and I am from Rastatt in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). After losing almost 30kg in 2017 and getting into the desire to run, the next logical step (thanks to some good friends) was my first Spartan Race in Munich 2018. Meanwhile Spartan Race has become more than a sport for me: It’s a way of life and the community in particular exists in this form in almost no other sports I know.




Does not say „Mimimi“

I am born 1978 in Austria. Current living in Vienna.

I started with Spartan Race in 2019 and it has becoem an integral part of my life. In addition to having fun with the obstacles, I was able to make a lot of friends and, after more than 20 years of football, I discoverd a new challenge for myself.




Spartan Race Germany Vize-Captain

I’m Manuel Lauber and I was born on October 25, 1979 in Germany. I currently live in Friedrichshafen and have been appointed Vice-Team Captain for the German Spartan Race team until 2021.

After ten years of rock’n’roll club, years of fanfare and a long break, I needed a new challenge. Like every good idea, I came up with the idea of ​​running a Spartan Race Super in Oberndorf in 2018 out of fun and beer mood with friends. After that I caught fire! In addition to a Trifecta 2019, I took some virtual races with me in the Corona year 2020. In 2021 I will be ready for the championship in Sparta with a team from the Legion! AROO !!




Spartan Race Chile Teamcaptain + Spartan Race Captain of Captains

Hi, my name is Viviana from Chile, but all my friends call me Dulce, what means Sweet 😊 I love the OCR and run with friends, I m not a competitive athlete and I love to run with friends and help each other in the obstacles.
I Ambassador since 2017, Team Captain of Chile and Captain of Captains of the World 😊




„Weisenheimer“ of the Team

Born 1989, living in Potsdam (Germany).

After years of diffrent sports (e.g. running events, martial arts), I found OCR (Tough Mudder) in 2018. In 2019 I was on my first Spartan Race and since then I’m kind of „on fire“. On a race you will find me happy smiling supporting others because Teamwork is the key I like to give in. As a history & geography teacher I also „have to be“ the Weisenberger of the Team.




Hurrican Heat Finisherin

Hello, I am Christin and I am „built in ’86“. Coming from Dortmund I live now in Vienna area since 2007. I’ve been addicted to OCR since 2018. Based on the fact that I like to find my limits (didn’t reached them yet) and that I also like variety: I always try to defy new challenges and distances. I belong to the Legion because I advocate team spirit and fairness plus I believe that mutual support can be very important, especially in OCR sports.




Our Spartan Ultra Man

My name is Daniel and I came to OCR relatively late at the age of 38; but I immediately noticed how much fun it was. Accordingly (due to my stature rather the „runner type“) I then completely turned training and nutrition in the next two years and dared to do the IRON VIKING OCR with 42 km and 100 obstacles in May 2019 & finished it in 7h 17 minutes, my biggest challenge so far. A rather serious accident at the Spartan Race Trifecta weekend at the beginning of September 2019 made me take a break until the beginning of 2021; now I’m attacking again and a few races are still on the agenda: running the Spartan Race Trifecta World Championships in Sparta once, finishing the ULTRA VIKING with 60 km as well as a Spartan Ultra in the Scottish Highlands. For me, besides the physical and mental challenge, the team spirit and the shared experience always come first. And as Leonidas I. once said: „Honour the Spartan at your side, show him respect – and he will show it back to you!



The „Spartan Wise“

Since I was pushed to run my first obstacle race in 2016 (with a whole three days of preparation time), I have stuck with it. In the meantime, I have completed more than 40 runs, organised by small and large organisers in various corners of Europe. I have completed most of the runs alone or with my brother – and will soon be doing them together with the Legion Gladius!



Hi, I’m Jayakumar Tharmalingam (Jay). I’ve been doing OCR since 2013 till present. I used to do road runs like 5km – 10km and I totally stop running when I meet with an accident. 

A good form for sure but also this was the beginning to many good things and many more years to come. I wouldn’t say that this is any different from an adrenaline junkie, as I do consider myself being in that same category. From then on, I pretty much joined every OCR available first here in Malaysia like Viper Challenge, Spartan Race. Warrior Challenge, and Mad Warrior. Which soon after took me over to our neighboring and APAC countries like Singapore to compete in Spartan and Viper Challenge, Philippines for Spartan Race and also Indonesia to do Tough Mudder’s Half and Australia to complete in the Tough Mudder’s Half and Full races.The craze for challenging myself more started in 2016 when I completed the Viper Challenge series with a Gold Cube Medal and then moving on to 2 Spartan Trifecta in a race year. My only motivation to this, is the self-satisfaction of starting and completing the race with competing in making myself and time better in every race I sign up for. By far, this is working perfectly for me as I am currently only now doing Age Category OCR races.
My all-time wish would to be able to compete for the podium finish with the world’s greatest. AROO!


Hi, I’m Momo and I’m from Malaysia. My motto in life is: Don’t limit your challenges but challenge your limits! Aroo!



Name: Michael Prutsch
Age: 29
Origin: Graz, Austria
Living in: Warsaw, Poland

I am working in the Renewable Energy Industry, being a weekend warrior.
Having lived in Taiwan for a couple of years, I did some races in Malaysia, Hongkong and Taiwan.

Best placements have been 2x SPARTAN Elite Podium in 2020, 2x SPARTAN AG Podium in 2019.

Having moved to Poland, I am looking forward to my first OCR outside of a tropical rainforest and competing across Europe.


Hello, my name is Alberto, built in 1981 and I come from Wolfsberg in Carinthia. My first OCR start was in 2019 in St. Pölten. From that moment on my passion for this exciting sport was born and since then I have been competing in as many races as I can. I am looking forward to competing as a team in the future. Aroo


Hey, I’m Christian, born in 83 and I’m from Gießen in Germany. My first OCR was the Strongman Run 2019 at the Nürburgring, my first Spartan Race, the Night Sprint in St. Pölten in the same year. In 2020 I additionally discovered my passion for endurance competitions and finished my first Hurricance Heat 4h and 12h. My big goal is to successfully participate in a Death Race or Agoge. Until then, I look forward to completing as many races as possible as a team.


Hello, I am Miklós and I am originally from Hungary. My hobbies are running, trail running and Spartan Race.


Hello, my name is Beate, I am a 1982er. I live with my small family in Villach, Carinthia and this is where we have a good time.I started with OCR in 2017 with one race and since 2018 I have stuck with the Spartan Races. Although I curse every single race during the runs (who knows the thought „Seriously, I paid for this?“ or „This is the last hill now – 15 minutes later – Ohhhh damn“), I can’t get away from it. I just love hearing people from 40+ nations swearing or laughing and you understand every word and have fun together. Spartan simply connects. So the next goal is a Spartan Ultra or two and I’m looking forward to starting with the team and for Team Legion Gladius. Arooo

Michael E.

Hi, I’m Michael and I’m from the state of Brandenburg. Besides Spartan Race, you can also find me at various other races.



Michael P.

Hello, my name is Michael, am already almost an old-timer, born on 27.02.1972. Nickname Michback, because I always get up and come back. After a short time in martial arts, I found a passion for running more than thirty years ago, especially half marathons, marathons and smaller ultraruns. After several health setbacks and being told by my doctors that I could no longer perform, I lived up to my nickname. I was looking for a new challenge and ended up racing OCR. Then in 2018, I got into Spartan and started running in the DACH series. This year, in addition to running in Germany and Austria, I booked a ticket to the World Championships in Sparta. I am a team player, which I also prove in my second hobby, firefighting. In races I run in the Open series, because for me it’s mainly about the shared experience and to prove to myself that I can perform. If the way is easy, the goal is worthless. Aroo


Born: 1985 in Vienna

First OCR: 2019 Spartan St. Pölten

In addition to OCR, hiking has been my great passion since 2020, here I like long distances (mammoth march) and thereby slowly feel my way towards the 100 km at a stretch. I love challenges and always test my personal limits. For the mobility and as a balance to the stressful everyday life yoga may not be missing. My other great passion is baking. You rarely meet me during sporting activities without homemade sweets.



First races: St. Pölten 2019
From Austria

I came to the OCR races simply because of my big mouth, in the evening I saw a TV report about Oberndorf and it slipped out „Hmmm, would be interesting“ – and so fate took its course that I got a starting place in St.Pölten 2019 as a present from my partner for my 40th birthday—run—groaned—finished and have been on fire ever since.


Teo wee kee 

From Malaysia

Hi, I’m Teo Wee Kee and I’m from Malaysia. You can find me at races in Asia and I look forward to overcoming the obstacles together with you!


From Austria

Hi, I’m Barbara and I’m looking forward to racing with you. Together we are strong and together OCR is even more fun.


OCR: since 2017

2019, Morzine in France. Here I started my first Spartan Ultra and lost the sole of my left shoe after five kilometres. But giving up was and is not an option for me, so I also support my teammates in reaching their goals and going beyond their own comfort zone.

And at THIS place, your Name could be…

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