As we often perform and run as a team, we also have some items that you can recognise us by. If you want to support us or just want a nice piece of clothing, you can buy them directly from us. If you want to support us or just want to wear a piece of the Legion on your body, you can always order one of the following things through us.

Would you like to order something from our supplier Crastec to your home? Then click on the respective offer.

You can get our clothes from Smmash through our team manager Markus. Please write to our e-mail address ( which item you would like to have from the shop. The prices depend on margins and you can get informations about them from Markus.

RS07 Men

RS06 Women

SHC4 Unisex

LS01 Men

LS03 Women


CS3-EUW Women

TT3 Men

TT1 Women

3/4 lengthLS02 Women

RS04 Men

RS05 Women

VT3 Men

LS04 Women

H3 Unisex

H5 Unisex

SP3 Unisex

Bandana BAN

GYM Sack

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