With these groups we work together:

Rock the Rig is a site by Uwe Kauntz from Munich. He is a certified Spartan SGX coach and has published some very good OCR-related training plans on his website. In the future we will do one or two videos and races with him.

We get our team flags from Bannerprofi24.

SGX PAIX is a Spartan variant developed by SGX coaches Gino and Andrew. As a team we are taking part in the Challenge and look forward to a long-term collaboration with both coaches. SGX Paixnidia – takes the Mind Trifecta to a new level – just as the ancient Greeks did when they created a series of athletic competitions around 776 BC. They were held in honour of Zeus, and so is the SGX PAIX – with a 4-part challenge that will test the mind, body and spirit. Athletes around the globe will join forces to complete this epic virtual challenge that will earn you the coveted SGX and STRONG wedge. And those who have earned the wedges will have the honour of taking on the final challenge for the Sparta Coin and all the brabeia that comes with it.

The Wolfpack is based in the UK and runs charity challenges with the proceeds going to charity. Some of our members successfully took part in the 100km Run in February 2021.

Our team member Gordon Bieling is a personal trainer and therefore an ideal partner for us as a sports team. Those who come from the Cottbus area can see for themselves what can be achieved with quality in personal training.

Our team member Steve not only lives out his passion for sports outdoors, but also convinces with wonderful designs in the textile sector.

During the run you are tormented by cramps, days later you still have sore muscles? You are tired and exhausted?
That doesn’t have to be the case. With our cooperation partner and team member Marcel Wunn, independent consultant at Herbalife Nutrition and himself an ambitious OCR athlete, we have found a team with over 40 years of experience that supports us in all areas of nutrition and sports nutrition.
Individual support specifically tailored to your goals and high-quality products will make you more efficient and fitter for your next run, and Marcel Wunn will help you with professional advice.